This Taiwanese promo for the NFC Championship is even more crazy than the AFC promo

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 9.58.25 AM

There is no way you can be prepared for the NFC Championship game without watching this Taiwanese promo. Yes, the 12th Man is absolutely insane, and 49ers fans are no doubt matching their intensity, but until you let this Taiwanese promo for the NFC championship soak into your brain like some sort of NFL nanobot, you’ll look at this showdown as nothing more than another massively important showdown in an attempt to get to the biggest stage in football – the Super Bowl.

But, after you watch this, you’ll know the 12th Man has superpowers, and Bane is there for some reason. Yes, Bane. From Batman.

And if you missed Tom Brady and Peyton Manning urinating sparks, then you didn’t see the Taiwanese breakdown of the AFC Championship game. Watch.

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