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WWE's Jack Swagger predicts the 2014 AFC/NFC Championship games (video)

With the WWE Royal Rumble and AFC/NFC Championship games approaching, things are starting to heat up in the world of professional wrestling and football.

WWE’s  Jack Swagger, half of the tag team ‘The Real Americans’ is getting ready to participate in the WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday, January 26th. But before the man gets ready to go to battle on the 26th, Swagger made an appearances on a YouTube show with Kavita Channe.

Swagger looks to be bigger in this video on YouTube than he does on WWE television. No idea why, but the guy doesn’t look all that big when he’s in the ring. Now this YouTube show has some other professional athletes on it, anywhere from Boxing, NBA, NFL, MLB and even the UFC. I believe this is the first WWE Superstar who has appeared on this channel.

Anyways, in the video Swagger ends up picking the winners of both the AFC and NFC Championship games that will be played on Sunday. Two games that feature four teams who are deserving of a trip to the Super Bowl. But only two can play in the biggest game of the year.

So with that being said, here’s the video of Jack Swagger predicting the 2014 NFL Conference Championship games.

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