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Super Bowl ad: Bud Light releases teaser clip to 'Epic Night' (Video)

The Super Bowl is just weeks away, and the anticipation is building not only for the game as two incredibly entertaining conference Championship games approach, but for one of the game’s other main attractions, the commercials. Bud Light, who always has incredible ads during the game has teased their commercial with a short 17 second video acting as a trailer.

The ad is called “Epic Night” and the slogan or theme from the YouTube’s about section is “Whatever is coming. Are you #UpForWhatever?”

The ad says it involves 412 actors, 58 hidden cameras, 5 rockstars and 4 celebrities, plus of course one unsuspecting guy. It seems like some sort of flash mob type prank or set up. It sounds interesting enough but I don’t know if it will have the impact or lasting effect some of their other ads have had like the “wassup” campaign.

Still I’m curious to see what it is all about.

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