Jim Harbaugh disagrees with a penalty, loses his mind (GIF)

The San Francisco 49ers are taking a 10-3 lead into halftime in Seattle, something we didn’t expect to happen. But we didn’t make it through the first half without a Jim Harbaugh sideline freakout, something we did expect to happen. After the Niners were flagged for a terrible personal foul penalty, Harbaugh lost his mind when he heard that his team had been flagged.


It wasn’t the world’s best call, but it also didn’t have any effect on the game whatsoever. Unless you’re betting on penalty yards or flags thrown against certain teams, the penalty will have absolutely no baring on the outcome of the contest. The Niners got the ball back, they ended the half and headed into the locker room with a 10-3 lead.

Still, Harbaugh didn’t like the call at all and reacted much like everyone at home did. We also all saw our government mandated Jim Harbaugh freakout for the game.

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