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San Francisco 49ers extend lead to 10-0 after Dixon TD run (GIF)

The San Francisco 49ers were supposed to get blown out this afternoon against the Seattle Seahawks as the odds were stacked against them in the worst of ways. Not only were they playing the hottest team in football, but they were doing so in the loudest building in all of professional sports.

But that hasn’t stopped the team from jumping out to a 10-0 lead thanks to a great first half performance by Colin Kaepernick. It was reported before the game by Jason LaCanfora that Kaepernick was in line to make a lot of money if he had a good game, and it looks like that’s going to happen.



Not bad for a team that was supposed to lose. It took a few tries to get in and Kaepernick himself hasn’t scored a touchdown yet, as Anthony Dixon punched in the first touchdown of the game for either team.

Keapernick has over 100 yards on the ground, his team is winning and times are good on the Niners sideline, at least for now.

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