Donte Whitner asks Twitter if they think refs were after him

San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner wanted to change his name to Hitner at one point. Someone who prides himself on big hits is likely to have some helmet-to-helmet hits whether they’re intentional or not at some point during the season.

Whitner seemed to get in trouble with the league relatively frequently including fines. He was fined once for a hit against the St. Louis Rams in Week 4 but he said he won his appeal and didn’t have to pay. Still, Whitner feels like the referees were targeting him all year and took to Twitter to poll his fans.

Whitner thinks they should review hits and that might help clear things up.

“Yes, they should,” he said, via ESPN. “They do in college. Why not in the National Football League? Let’s get it right. … Too many times a play looks bad and the official throws the flag, but it ends up being a clean play. … Just because it’s a powerful hit doesn’t mean it’s an illegal hit.”

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