Oct 17, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane (20) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium.

NFL to review play where Seahawks player got hit by an out-of-uniform 49ers player on the sideline

During the NFC Championship game, there was a scene where Seattle Seahawks defensive back Jeremy Lane was knocked out-of-bounds on a play where he was trying to cover a punt. He went pretty far out-of-bounds and was trying to get back onto the field when someone in street clothes on the San Francisco 49ers sideline seemed to clothes line Lane.

It is hard to see exactly what happened because there is someone standing in front of the spot where it occurred. But it looked like he stuck out his right arm and knocked him to the ground judging by his movement after the play.

Interestingly enough, the NFL officiating office that reviews plays and calls from games use Xbox controllers to rewind and play footage.

Here is a GIF of the play if you missed it:

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  • ricefield

    Standup FortyWhiner.

  • Monzell Lamar Lewis

    Last week and 1 st half they were acting big when they lose they want hide point fingers look in the mirror

  • kile

    Not a Seattle fan. Just happy the niners are out.

  • Al Martin

    A new scandal known as The-Hit-Out-of-Bountygate.

  • Zach

    Niners played a great game! DOnt put all the blame on the whole team because of one or two peoples actions.!

  • Claire

    And people are complaining about Richard Sherman??!!

  • Hawk man

    That was bullshat!!! And nfl better fine whiners or a homie of the whiners, but someone needs a fat fine and if anyone says that wasn’t on purpose , needs there heads checked. Dude forearm shivered lane and dude behind homie is all pumped over it. Come on man!!!
    GO HAWKS!!!! And San Fran fans took up alot of tunnel area and I was there and commented to my boys that no blue on that side. So popcorn prob throw by a pissed whiner bandwagon fan , FYI.