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Richard Sherman Angry Post-Game Interview Leads To Predictable Racist Tweets

Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman was so fired up after making a game-ending play that sent his team to Super Bowl 48 that he gave a rather enthusiastic interview that has now gone viral across the internet.

Speaking with sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, Sherman seemed to let the emotion of the victory get the better of him. Andrews asked Sherman to take her through the final play and Sherman began screaming about being the best CB in the NFL, while also taking shots at 49ers WR, Michael Crabtree.

I think we can all agree here that Sherman’s reaction is less than classy. He is clearly caught up in the heat of the moment and perhaps acting a bit irrationally. Still, whether Sherman’s actions were the gold-standard for sportsmanship has nothing to do with the vitriolic racism some fans spouted on Twitter that followed his interview with Andrews.

Here is a small sampling of the hate:






The day before Martin Luther King Day, no less, we learn that there is still plenty of hate out there.

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  • chas territo

    Do you or anyone else for that matter expect a classy, educated or even hinting at intelligence man? He is a Ghetto raised thug who has a very good skill that he gets paid to do weekly. As evidenced by this interview he surely was fast tracked in college and graduated with a toilet paper degree. After all, in today’s college sports there is more under the radar back handed deals all the time. Does it stand to reason that Sherman is an example of one of those deals going sour? He created an angry response, but because I think he’s uneducated, stupid really, I wont comment in kind as a response, just what I wrote!! GO BILLS!!

    • Sarah Martin Stockman

      Sherman graduated 2nd in his high school class and actually graduated from Stanford. I don’t like his interview. It was classless and arrogant, but did not point to him as being uneducated. And the race stuff – disgusting no matter what.

      • BelieveWhatISay

        Stop living in fantasy land.

        • chas territo

          I hope that fantasy land comment wasn’t for me??

      • chas territo

        His words did show a lack of education. He can not speak as an educated man could or would. The racism is not what I care to see, hear or read. I simply do not like arrogant piss pots like him! GO BILLS!!

        • ajaf

          Cannot is one word. “did show,” is passive voice. You forgot the oxford comma in your list. It should read, “… not what I care to see, hear, or read.” I guess you are equally uneducated?

          • mapleleafhawker

            LOL! BEAUTIFUL, ajaf!!

          • daniel

            Cannot and can not are interchangeable since one is an amalgamation of the other. The passive voice is a grammatical construction, not a grammatical error. The Oxford comma (Oxford is a proper noun and should be capitalised) is ironically a predominantly American phenomenon. It is not a necessary component of a list and in England the general consensus is to avoid using it.
            You give grammar Nazis a bad name.

      • swatter

        Dearest Sarah. He is not educated he is credentialed. He is proof you can take the n I g g e r out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the jogger. He is the prototypical hyperactive, hyperspoken, ruddy stink haired jungle bunny n I g g e r.

        • jon aldridge

          He scored 1400 on the SAT. That’s not a credential. That’s a fact. Statistically speaking he is probably smarter that you. (and me)

          • afjlskd

            He scored a 900 on his SAT…

          • Joseph

            he had a 900, 1060 on the retake. THAT is a fact check out any credible scouting site. And no that wouldn’t be smarter than me

        • mapleleafhawker

          Pathetic, swatter. Did you WATCH the man dismantle Skip Bayless? I’m pretty sure he’d do the same to you…

      • chas territo

        With so many colleges and universities breaking the rules, I question his SAT score. GO BILLS!!

      • Jeff Morley

        A college football player with a degree means nothing! They are passed and pushed through no matter what so they can continue to bring in millions to the university. I had a sociology class at the university with many of the football players and one of them was pissed when we got our tests back because he said his tutor told him all of the questions on the test but left one out, then left with his 98%. What a joke!!! By the way, do more than two people graduate from high school in Compton each year?

    • Kainne

      Your mama is a ghetto raised thug

    • ajaf

      Based on what? He says a few heated sentences and suddenly you know the man?? Yes, everyones entire character can and should be judged on the basis of a 2 min soundbite. That sounds very educated of you… no, stupid really.

      • chas territo

        Yes, based on his terrible comments only. I don’t give a crap about race because I am not racist. His remarks to the reporter were anger, insecurity based and irresponsible spoken words. That is what I base it on. Heat of the moment is just BS, he lost control and showed his true colors (not race based) and we all know in the HEAT of the MOMENT that is where you, the person reveals your dark side (again not race based)!! Plus, you are probably a Seahawk fan and can’t or wont agree with anyone who thinks Sherman was wrong or stupid or dumb or just an over all jackass!

        • ajaf

          No, i’m not. Sadly, i’m a Jets fan. I probably won’t be able to comment on any post -championship interview comments from one of my players for a very long time. I find a little fault in not mentioning any of your teammates accomplishments, but in that moment they were interviewing him about a play that he made. I don’t see too much wrong with it though, definitely not enough to warrant all the racist comments on twitter. It’s football. It’s aggressive. It’s meant to be that way. If that doesn’t appeal to you, go watch golf or something. Personally, I like to see a little emotion in players. I like when defenders get amped up. I really don’t think it was as big a deal as so many people made it out to be.

    • ajaf

      “Do you or anyone else for that matter expect a classy, educated or even hinting at intelligence man?”

      Is that even a sentence? “Intelligence man”, is that some superhero I’ve never heard of? Have no fear, Intelligence Man is here!!! Again you forgot an oxford comma in your list. Additionally, you forgot commas in, “Do you or anyone else for that matter.” Its not even parallel sentence. As evidenced by his interview (comma) he surely was fast tracked in college and graduated with a toilet paper degree. In today’s college sports there (ARE not is) more back handed deals all the time. (there ARE more back handed deals). Your also missing a verb in there. “there is more under the radar back handed deals all the time” perhaps you meant, “there are more under the radar backhanded (ONE WORD NOT TWO) deals occurring all the time”

      If you thought his comment was uneducated or stupid, then you responded in kind in more ways than you might have realized. In the mean time, maybe you should comment a little less on how uneducated people are.

      • chas territo

        I’m not a college grad, so correcting me shows you lack tru value to me and how I write. Get a grip, dude, this was about Sherman not my use of English!!

        • ajaf

          No, its about hypocrisy, stereotyping, and racism. See the article header for more details. It’s about how people let their prejudice get the better of them and lead them to make brash accusations about people they’ve never even met. It’s about how we live in a society that’s more troubled by the boastfully celebrations of a foot ballplayer who’s team just won a championship than the racist backlash for said celebration. It’s about how we look for ways to covertly justify our prejudice by discrediting peoples education or trying to make them out to be a thug. All based on what a few words? Tom Brady cursed on the field, did anyones say he had no class, or that he’s an uneducated thug? no of course not. Why then are we so quick to do it here?

        • mapleleafhawker

          But chas – you’re CLEARLY an idiot (as demonstrated by your own hand). Sherman showed a lack of emotional control – not ignorance (Crabtree IS mediocre and interceptions usually ARE what happens when QB’s “try” him)

          • chas territo

            Sherman has been in the public for a few years, at what point does respect or self respect get learned by him. His lack of respect IS IGNORANCE! You are the ignorant one by your comments! Stop trolling my comments because unhappy is your alter ego, shadow or persona!! F**K OFF!!

      • Lestadamolesta

        Thank you for the English lesson, Professor!!

      • mapleleafhawker


    • Jeff Morley

      People who say you are racist with this comment are oversensitive race hustlers. You mentioned nothing about race. You just commented about a thug from the ghetto. Thugs of all races can grow up in the ghetto.

      • Jeff Morley

        I’m speaking of chas territo’s comment.

        • chas territo

          What about my comment do you feel was racist? I did not use anything
          racist in my comment!! I purposely avoided racism partly because I’m not
          a racist man and partly because of fools like you who can’t
          differentiate racism from just an honest opinion!! Get real don’t be an jerk proving your a jerk!!

          • mapleleafhawker

            chas – you’re so stupid you can’t even tell when someone is lending you SUPPORT.

      • chas territo

        I grew up in the ghetto in Buffalo,NY and I know ghetto when I see ghetto. Just because I’m from the ghetto does not mean I have privilege to speak ghetto publicly. No one does. He doesn’t either!

  • Brian

    Oh jeez, half the tweets you posted were from black guys. The dude acted like a crazy thug on national TV. It was embarrassing.

  • Michael Gutierrez

    Compton in the house……I am impressed he is a Stanford Graduate with a major in communications and has street credibility. I like this guy as the most athletic big corner in the came at 6’3 200 and villain of the NFL. He is the most hated man next to Detroit’s Suh and enjoys his role. He gets a pass on the Crabtree incident after having the guts to taunt real starts like Brady and Megatron.

  • tevra

    racism aside from those idiots – unfortunately it appears that Mr. Sherman is redefining Stanford but not in exactly a positive manner. they had been known for being classy and well mannered at least to a point.

    Not for acting like they were on a pass from a half-way house.