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Super Bowl 48: NFL not allowing certain tickets to be re-sold to other fans

The Super Bowl is the most coveted sports even of the year, so it’s not a surprise that it’s a scalpers dream to get their hand son a pair of tickets to flip to the highest bidder. But the NFL is well aware of the scalping problem they have with the Super Bowl and are cracking down on ticket resale this year.

According to Roger Goodell, who spoke with Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, the $500 level tickets that are sold for the Super Bowl can only be used by the fans who buy them.

“[W]hat we did this year is we’re not allowing the fans to transfer those. That’s what happened in the past.  Well over half the fans in the past used to take those tickets and then resell them on the secondary ticket market.  We said, listen, we want the fans to go, so if you want to go, we have a system where they’re really not getting their tickets until they get inside security and they can’t go back out again.  So, we’re reaching out to make sure our games continue to be successful and we have different price points.  That’s what we do during the regular season with our games and that’s what we do during the Super Bowl.  Tickets are trading at least on some of the secondary markets at an even higher multiple than they were last year.”

This will hopefully crack down on scalpers selling these tickets for ten times their face value, but it also means that fans who buy the tickets must have everything they need to get in or they may be out of luck at the gates.

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