Animated guide to American Football (Video)

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American football can be a complicated sport to learn. There is a complicated structure, and tons of rules and overall it is just confusing. It isn’t like soccer where the goal is simply to put the bowl in the goal with just offsides and reckless tackles to worry about.

There are downs, different groups of players. You score a touchdown and you kick a pointless extra point. Well, BAFTA award-winning director, designer, and animator Fraser Davidson is here to answer all your questions about football and explain to you how it works. He created a wonderfully animated video that is narrated by the crew from the Adventures in Design podcast.

It is accurate and simple in its breakdown, while simultaneously being hilarious with its barbs at the macho like ‘Murica praise of football. For instance when you win the Super Bowl you get a ring, tickets to the Superbowl, immortality and the keys to a pick up truck. The subtitle is “For Liberals, Ladies, and Limeys” after all.

Check it out:

[h/t] Deadspin

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