May 18, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of New York Mets fans in the bleachers during the first inning against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Chicago won 8-2. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field renovation to be delayed

It appeared that all the little details had been hammered out and the renovation of Wrigley Field was set to begin in the near future, but that won’t be the case after a collection of ‘rooftop owners’ sued Chicago sports consultant Marc Ganis for alleged defamation.

As you’re likely aware, there were issues between the ‘rooftop owners’ across the street who felt their ability to sell tickets to the game would be halted once the Chicago Cubs renovated Wrigley Field.

That appeared to be settled, but the recent lawsuit will halt any potential construction which clearly has not pleased the organization who released the following statement.

“We have worked hard to reach a resolution with our rooftop partners which would have helped preserve their views, including reducing the number, size and location of our signs,” says the statement. “Unfortunately, they opted yesterday to reject the proposal and file this lawsuit. Since our approvals last year, we have been anxious to get the Wrigley Field renovation started. Yesterday’s action will certainly force additional delays to our project.”

It’s not known how much this will delay any construction at this point, though it’s understandably disappointing news for the Chicago Cubs organization and their fans who were hoping for a new and improved Wrigley Field.

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  • Tmichael

    Amazing franchise, not only do they have to contend with 100+ years of losing but they have to contend with the criminals across the street making money off a product they pay nothing for. While I understand the rooftop owners formed a revenue share with the Cubs, one that will never be renewed, they also aren’t willing to work with the team. If I were Ricketts, I’d do all the renovations during the regular season and play on the south side for the next 2-3 years and run those rooftop owners out of business, what is there to loose? Sure you have a few die hards who say they won’t attend a Cub’s game on the south side but who cares, attendance is down, wins are down and so is the payroll. Maybe it’s time for Ricketts to follow the script from the movie Major League, threaten to move, bring in some scabs that make the current roster look like All Stars and then watch us break the curse with a team of zeros. What not? Nothing else has worked.

  • Tim Schinkoeth

    If I were Mr. Ricketts I would move the Cubs to a better location with available parking and away from the lake where we would have a chance at a world series. As long as they play in that stadium, which I do like, they will never be able to put a team together that will win a world series. Nature harms the team too much because some days are pitcher days and some days are hitter days!! It is hard to put a great team together that can do both under those conditions!! The spoiled rooftop owners that do not pay the payroll or expenses for upkeep of the stadium, deserve to lose their free ride!!! The parking sucks around Wrigley Field and hey it could be named Ricketts Park if he moved to the burbs or to a better spot in Chicago!!