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Kaitlin Young suffers severe cut (Photo)

Women’s MMA has exploded in popularity thanks in large part to the UFC and Ronda Rousey. Long before Rousey’s fame and the UFC’s inclusion of female fighters, Women were attempting to show that they too can be mixed martial artists of the highest caliber. Women like Megumi Fujii, Gina Carano, Julie Kedzie, and Kaitlin Young were all trailblazers in Women’s MMA.

Today, Kaitlin Young suffered a severe cut in training and posted a picture of the gash for the world to see. Be wary of scrolling down, as the picture is very gruesome and may not be suitable for all viewers. Before the picture is shown below, here is Kaitlin’s explanation of the injury:

Obviously training accidents are bound to happen in combat sports, but Kaitlin is taking the cut in stride. Scroll down to see both the cut before and after it was closed with stitches.

Credit: Kaitlin Young

Credit: Kaitlin Young

We wish Kaitlin a quick and speedy recovery as she plans to return to Invicta sometime this year.

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