Jul 28, 2013; Pittsford, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine points as he talks to the Bills defense during training camp at St. John Fisher College. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Mike Pettine is Cleveland Browns 'fall back' option

Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine was considered the front-runner to become the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns, but now it looks like the Broncos may have something else in mind.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently said that as more time passes he believes Pettine is the Broncos “fall back” option.

“I’ll say this on the Cleveland Browns. Expect the unexpected,” said Schefter, via ESPN Radio.

“If they wanted to hire [Pettine] they could just go ahead and do that and maybe they still will. But me reading between the lines, they’re hopping around, they’re interviewing other candidates, they’re bouncing around the country. I think if Pettine were their guy it would just be over and done with. And the longer it goes on the less likely in my mind that Pettine becomes the guy. I think I would categorize him now as a fall back option. I think they’re looking at other things. … Get ready for that curve ball.”

Pettine is expected to hear back from Buffalo by tonight, so we could have some resolution soon.

If the Browns decide to go in another direction it would certainly be a surprise, but Schefter said to get ready for the curve ball so hang on to your seats.

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