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Denver Broncos hold first Super Bowl practice in the snow

The conversations surrounding a cold weather Super Bowl will only draw that much more attention because Peyton Manning is one of the starting quarterbacks in the game.

He can’t win in the cold, after all. Just like he can’t win the big game (in some people’s estimation).

For what it’s worth, Manning appeared to embrace the challenge of a potential cold weather Super Bowl a while ago, wearing a glove on his throwing hand for much of the season and supposedly dipping his hand in ice water and then throwing in his sessions before the season started.

Today the Broncos practiced in appropriately snowy and cold conditions in Denver as they prepare to face the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48. When asked, Manning had the following to say about the weather:

“We played in this and practiced in this a good part of the year, so really, we’ve been through this. But it’s good to get out here and get started.”

Trying to downplay the issue in the past has not worked for Manning. Likewise, it did not help his case much when he told certain people who thought he cannot play in the cold to “stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

Here’s what I’ve always wondered: people complain that Manning cannot throw a good deep ball and lets go of too many ducks when it’s cold and/or snowy.

How, exactly, is that different from normal Manning? That sounds very similar to the guy whose throws always aren’t pretty, yet the results always are.

Between Denver this week and the New York/New Jersey area next week, it appears the Broncos will do almost all of their Super Bowl preparation in cold weather.

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