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Patriots' Bill Belichick second-guessing himself for fourth-and-3 call

The New England Patriots managed to overcome a string of injuries to make it to the AFC Championship game. They weren’t able to get past the Denver Broncos and into the Super Bowl however, and there is one play in particular play that the Patriots regret.

Head coach Bill Belichick said he would’ve rather taken a 47-yard field goal instead of going for it on fourth-and-3 at the 29-yard line. The field goal in that situation would’ve narrowed the Broncos lead from 20-3 to 20-6.

Those three points would have been good to have at the end of the game if we would have made the kick, which we would have had a good chance to,” Belichick said on WEEI, via Mike Reiss of “I felt like, at the time, we were down by 17 points, only had three points, and hadn’t got down there very much. I don’t think you’re going to beat Denver kicking field goals, but . . . if we would have had a field goal and then the two touchdowns we ended up getting later on, those would have been important points for us. I don’t know that was the right decision. It wasn’t, obviously, when we lost yardage on fourth down and gave the ball back without any points.”

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  • Bob

    The Patriot’s organization arrogance that won superbowls is now losing playoffs. They though they could teach Aaron Hernandez the “Patriot Way” and we see how that went. Now, skipping points and losing by seven.

    • Frank Jones

      So what team do you like and their “way”? Maybe Dallas? Look at the Patriots record since Belichick has been there. Most teams would love to be in their shoes. The Patriots have a .728 winning percent with Belichik during the regular season. They have a .692 record during the post season. Yes, it is a slightly lower percent but the caliber of teams they play against is also higher. On the other hand, “America’s team” is barely over .500 during the regular season and is a whopping .000 in the playoffs during those same 14 years.

      • Bob

        I know my team, the Raiders, have massive problems. I can analyze teams without emotion, which evidently you can’t.

        • Frank Jones

          Ok Bob, football is an emotional game but to analyze something, generally facts and figures are needed. You provided neither unless you claim that “skipping points and losing by seven” somehow qualifies. One game doesn’t justify your statement. So somehow losing that one game makes them arrogant? Boy that’s rich.

          When is the last time the Raiders where even in a playoff game? How’s the Raider way worked out over the last 12 years?

          Face it Bob, your statement was emotional. You resent the Patriots and their success. I understand that, I resent and hate the Yankees.