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Bill Gates loses to chess champion Magnus Carlsen in nine moves (video)

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen, 23, took on Bill Gates in a chess game on Wednesday. It was a slaughter.

The event, televised on a Norwegian talk show, was structured to favor Gates. While the billionaire was given a maximum of two minutes between moves, Carlsen was restricted to making his moves within 30 seconds.

It took less than 90 seconds for the match to be over. See for yourself:

If you don’t know much about Carlsen — what, you aren’t up to date on the latest superstars in the world of chess? — he’s an interesting figure worth looking into. A grandmaster since he was only 13 years old, Carlsen captured the world chess title by beating Viswanathan Anand of India last year. He’s a model for G-Star Raw, and his youthful good looks have earned him the title of “the Justin Bieber of chess” (stay away from those yellow Lamborghinis, Carlsen).

Honestly, a world chess champion beating a hobbyist player isn’t shocking, nor does it make for riveting television. However, it would be interesting to see Carlsen take on one of those chess-playing computers. So, that said, does anybody know if this Bill Gates guy knows anything at all about computers?

[Source: Reuters]

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