Jan 21, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo looks on prior to the game against the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics say Rajon Rondo trade rumors are untrue

With the NBA trade deadline approaching quickly, teams are starting to get mentioned more and more when it comes to big names switching teams. One of those names is Rajon Rondo, as the Boston Celtics have been involved in trade rumors for years when it comes to their point guard.

Danny Ainge hasn’t been shy about discussing Rondo trade rumors and he wasn’t shy with the Boston Globe’s Baxter Holmes in denying that the team has any interest in trading the point guard. Ainge stated that he was offered a trade not too long ago but rejected the deal before he could even hear a potential package. Other than that, Ainge says any trade rumors you hear are not true.

”It’s just people, like I think recently, somebody, one of the national media guys, made a comment like, ‘Oh, I was talking with some NBA people on the road and they all think Danny is going to trade Rondo,’” Ainge said. “Well, it’s not like there’s a source. It’s just people that have their own opinion, sitting around, having a Diet Coke, talking about what I’m going to do with Rondo. Which is fine.”

It’s hard to believe that Ainge isn’t being honest and sincere in his denial that trade rumors exist, but this will hardly end discussions. Until the day Rondo retires, he’s likely going to be involved in trade rumors and Ainge will go to the grave denying every single one.

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