Sep 15, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Tennessee Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner (20) celebrates returning an interception for a touchdown against the Houston Texans during the second half at Reliant Stadium. The Texans won 30-24. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

NFL rumors: Minnesota Vikings to pursue Alterraun Verner

The Minnesota Vikings recently hired Jerry Gray to be their defensive backs coach, which now has fans pondering what will be done to upgrade the position that needs it so badly. Gray’s time spent with the Tennessee Titans has many thinking that cornerback Alterraun Verner could be an option for the Vikings, something ESPN blogger Ben Goessling doesn’t think is that hard to believe. 

Goessling was asked about Verner in a recent Q&A with fans, and stated that Gray’s role with the Vikings certainty doesn’t hurt the team’s chances of landing the cornerback in free agency. Rather the decision is all about priority:

25-year-old Pro Bowl cornerbacks don’t hit the market often, and Verner will likely get plenty of money, whether it’s from the Titans or someone else. The Vikings will have more than $20 million in cap space, and they could make a play for Verner, but they’d have to weigh that against other needs, especially if they decide to add a quarterback through means other than the draft.

Minnesota is expected to look at a quarterback in the draft, but they may have to choose between adding a veteran backup on the market or adding Verner. Given the Vikings terrible secondary the last few seasons, the choice seems obvious as Verner would instantly become the one of the best, if not the best defensive player the Vikings have.

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  • 3kolu

    There are plenty of CB’s to choose from both in FA and the draft, so the Vikes don’t have to panic and spend the ranch to go after a position of need. There are at least 4 solid CB’s hiiting FA, Verner, Sam Shields, Vontae Davis and Brandon Flowers. The draft is loaded with CB’s Darqueze Dennard, Justin Gilbert, J Verrett, B Roby, L Joyner, Robison, Fuller, Purifoy, Desir, Hampton, Jean-Baptiste, Mitchell, McGill, Gaines, Cockrell, Watkins. In fact, unless they can get one of the FA’s at a good price, I’m sure they can land 2 really good CB’s as low as as the 4th round. I’d love to see them land a Jean-Baptiste or a McGill, because of their size, with one of our 3rd rounders and if they could get Shields that would be killing 2 birds with one stone because we’d stealing him from a division rival.

    • gagu

      Sixteen college cornerbacks who can be expected to be solid starters? Lucky to get more than 4 or 5, and one of them could be a steal.

      • 3kolu

        The CB position has the most depth hands down, so the Vikings need to do their due diligence. Obviously you haven’t seen the film because there are more possible starters than that.Dennard, Gilbert, Verrett, Roby and Joyner all have 1st round grades. While players like Desir, McGill and Jean-Baptiste have huge upside having all had a solid Senior bowl. You don’t have to be a starter to make an impact.

        • gagu

          “…….I’m sure they can land 2 really good CB’s as low as as the 4th round.”

          Apples and oranges. When I read “2 really good CB´s”, I read,….. well, really good CB´s. Sincé we already have Rhodes, I understand that you consider the 2nd one we could take as low as 4th as being a good nickel. I guess I don´t really disagree with your general point. I´ve been a draft addict for several years. I´ve learned to become careful about getting too carried away about the new flock of talent each year. Especially in January. I don´t get serious putting predictable values on players until the end of March, when the players have been better vetted for their NFL abilities. I´m not knocking your grasp of knowlege regarding a spate of talent coming out. And I do appreciate your opinions. I responded to something that I feel was overstated.

          One other thing. I probably wouldn´t have taken the time to respond if I hadn´t read the reply to you from holeymo…. I originally read his comment as supreme sarcasm towards you. Try reading his first three sentences as if he were being sarcastic. He totally confused me. I admit that I should have read closer, but it does fit well as the start of an attack. I mean,the article is about Verner, Flowers is very established, and Shields has been a problem for the Vikes over the last 4 years. “Call me TOO UNINFORMED.” That is a classic Smart-a$$ line. I took a special interest in your comment because I thought you had probably written something to set him off the rails. I thought he was a jerk, when he was really just being a good guy. You can MISLEAD people SOMETIMES when you TALK LIKE THIS.
          Anyway, my take on your original point: I´d be pretty happy if they got Verner to lock down the position for several years. He is a valuable FA. More than a short-term fix. If Gilbert is deemed worthy of the 8th pick, he certainly would be fine with me, as long as they fill up some other needs in FA. My worry is that they miss out on the top FA CB’s and end up with a questional CB draft pick. That could happen. We are best positioned this year to get an impact corner who will be here for several years. I´m not sure Shields and Flowers match that requirement, and I am leery about Davis. The idea of a second round CB kind of makes me cringe. I want to see a safer bet come in and own the job.
          From what you’ve said, it could be a good year to find a quality nickel in the middle rounds. Add a good safety, Clinton-Dix in the 1st, or one of the better F/a´s, and the secondary could soon be the best we´ve ever seen, at least since the late 70´s. Never been a time when it´s been needed more.

  • guest

    They can get a CB in the draft. But they also need to get a reliable veteran CB in free agency as well. Despite all of the injuries…we needed more leadership in the backfield, and last season without Winfield showed that.

  • holymomentumbatman#84

    @3kolu: Man, you’ve done some reading, AND some homework. You’ve got a lot of CB’s listed there. The only one of the pros I recognize is Vontae Davis, and I’m not even sure who he plays for…the 49′ers? Call me TOO UNINFORMED. With the condition the Vikings’ secondary is in, you’d think I would know more about who’s available to shore up the area, whether via FA or the draft. What kind of players are those other three pros you have listed? I recognize a few names in your list of potential draftees, and I know that Dennard is supposed to be the best one in the crop, but, if memory serves, there is one or two others that you don’t have listed that are supposed to be the best thing to come along since sliced bread. I’ll have to look around and find out again who they are, and I’ll post their names here for you in case you’re interested. But as far as the matter at hand goes, I’ve got one thing to say, that will explain all that needs to be explained about MY THOUGHTS on the subject. It’s like this: I’m kind of ALMOST a perfectionist when it comes to the talent necessary to be considered enough of an elite team that other teams fear when they play them, and elite enough to be considered a SERIOUS CONTENDER for the Super Bowl. At present, most of the time, the NFL is being referred to as a “pass happy” league…meaning defensive secondary would be one of, if not THE MOST IMPORTANT area of the field for a team. Ya gotta keep gunslingers like Rodgers, Wilson, Kaepernick, Brady, Luck, Brees, etc., from picking you apart, eating your secondary for breakfast, and scoring 40, 50, or MORE points on you, which usually translates into “you lose”. ALL THAT being said, I, as a fan who EXPECTS some of the best performances from my team, a team that, as mentioned before, is genuinely feared, and is also expected to be on their A game most EVERY SUNDAY, would also be expected, by me, to have a top 1, 2, or 3 secondary in the entire NFL.