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Super Bowl 48: New Jersey officials not happy about New York getting majority of attention

The Super Bowl kicks off in a week and everyone is flocking to the bright lights of New York to prepare for the big game. But while New York is being trotted out by the NFL for all the festivities, people are forgetting that the game itself is going to take place in New Jersey.

While fans could care less about the difference of a river separating New York and New Jersey, local officials in Jersey are not happy about their neighbors hoarding all of the Super Bowl attention.

Per the Associated Press:

“Apparently, the NFL needs a geography lesson,” Sen. Robert Menendez, (D-NJ) said at a press conference with Sen. Cory Booker and other elected officials held to denounce the NFL’s design and reprimand players and broadcasters who refer to the Feb. 2 game as the ‘New York Super Bowl.’ Menendez also took issue with the “tiny sliver of Jersey City” visible in the program cover, adding; “You’re kidding, right?”

It’s true that New Jersey has gotten the short end of the stick for Super Bowl XLVIII but as Mike Florio from points out, what did New Jersey expect?

It’s unfortunate that New Jersey is not getting the proper attention for the Super Bowl, but they’re the fat friend to beauty queen New York, a city that rarely calls out their neighbor state for mooching off teams that belong in the Big Apple.

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