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Super Bowl 48: Wes Welker not concerned with Walter Thurmond’s comments

The Denver Broncos are probably comfortable with the way the coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII has gone so far. With nearly one week in the books, it has been all about Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman, some hollow conversations about race and semantics, and Richard Sherman.

You know what people aren’t talking about? Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning’s legacy, Peyton Manning in the cold, and so on. Those conversations are coming, but I doubt the Broncos minded getting a week off from it while Sherman enjoyed the spotlight (while pretending not to enjoy the spotlight).

The one topic that did float in terms of relevance was Wes Welker‘s controversial hit on Aqib Talib in the AFC Championship. That started with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick calling it “one of the worst plays he’s ever seen.” Walter Thurmond of the Seattle Seahawks piled on, saying that it was “really uncalled for.”

Asked if he was concerned about Thurmond’s comments, Welker said the following (quotes from the Denver Post):

Not at all, not at all. I just look forward to the game in New York. I’m just really looking forward to going out there and playing hard and competing — and [winning] the game.”

This story will surely leak into the media coverage of Super Bowl week, but there shouldn’t be much left to say about it. After all, are the guys from a secondary called the “Legion of Boom” really worried about Welker taking shots at them?

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