Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl ‘Weedies’ cover (Photo)

Since Washington and Colorado are the two states to legalize marijuana use, there have been a lot of pot and weed related jokes. Most of the them center around the lame “Super Bowl” reference and giggling like a teenager when someone says a “private part” during biology class.

This one is refreshingly different. It centers around the famous Wheaties cereal and the athletes they put on the box. Instead of Wheaties, they changed the name to Weedies and the orange background has a marijuana leaf added to it. It also offers a free Bob Marley trading card in the box.

I wonder how the NFL feels about seeing two of their teams logos in front of a giant pot leaf, I’m sure they can’t be thrilled. Still it is pretty awesome, I just wish they could’ve found a more creative sub-headline for the Weedies cereal other than “the breakfast of champions.”


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