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WWE superstar Seth Rollins pissed under a ring during a match (Video)

WWE superstar and member of The Shield, Seth Rollins, sat down with  Wonder Years lead singer Dan Campbell on his YouTube channel “Talking With Soup.” They discussed a multitude of things over an interview that goes over 11 minutes long.

At the very end of the interview Campbell asks Rollins what the biggest mistake of his career. He responds with “urinating under the ring last week.” The video was posted on January 23rd, so no telling when the interview was actually filmed and recorded but it is an interesting story.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about it happening either. On the reality TV show Total Divas, John Cena’s girlfriend ran back stage to tell him about a WWE diva peeing her pants mid-match. Cena then reveals that he once pooped himself in a match.

Here is the part of the interview where he discusses the incident:

The whole interview on his YouTube channel:

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