Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau dated Kate Upton?

Kate Upton

The Chicago Bulls season this year has been one that most fans can’t wait to forget. They’ve suffered through injuries, they’ve traded away a star player and they seem to be limping towards an inevitably early exit from the postseason. But if there’s one thing Bulls fans can’t help but universally love abut the team, it’s head coach Tom Thobodeau.

He’s loud, he’s blunt and he doesn’t play games. He has also apparently dated Kate Upton, or at least he implied it without even being asked.

Thibodeau was recently addressing comments that were made by his former boss Doc Rivers about how the Bulls would fall apart without Thibodeau.This promoted Thibodeau to launch into a tangent that both diverted the conversation away from the uncomfortable topic of the Bulls future and towards some bizarre universe where Thibodeau dated Kate Upton.

Per CSN Chicago:

“Obviously I have a lot of respect for what Doc does say, but every day there is something else going on. Now the rumor about my date with Kate Upton, a rumor started by me, I’m not commenting on that either.”

Thibodeau was just joking and making a point about crazy things that people say getting blown out of proportion by the media. But while he may have been joking, the fact of the matter remains that we are all imaging Thibodeau and Upton together, and the interesting looking love children that they’d spawn.

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