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MLB Free Agency: Stephen Drew back in Boston?

Shortstop Stephen Drew was given a qualifying offer by the Boston Red Sox this off-season. That seems to have thrown a wrench in his value, as teams clearly need help at shortstop but simply do not want to surrender a compensatory draft pick for Drew.

Realistically you can expect Drew to be great defensively and streaky offensively. He is a career .264 hitter with some pop, but teams do not identify him as the kind of difference maker that justifies a draft pick and a multi-year deal.

Drew might have to settle for a “pillow deal,” playing on a one-year contract and establishing his value in 2014. If that’s the case, might he end up back with the Boston Red Sox? Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes that is a possibility:

The Red Sox are publicly saying they’re fine going with Xander Bogaerts at shortstop, but they would love to get Drew back. The Yankees, Mets, Athletics, and Red Sox are possible fits. With spring training around the corner, there could be a team or two that changes its mind if Drew can be had on a one-year pillow deal.”

If he were willing to settle for such a deal, he should give the Yankees a call and try to work something out. There is more of a need in New York than there is in Boston because the Sox do have Bogaerts, who was recently named the top shortstop prospect in all of baseball. And if Drew played well and was willing to wait things out, that shortstop position should be opening up soon (it actually should have opened up years ago, but you know, he’s Derek Jeter).

Not that Stephen Drew is asking me for advice, but that seems to make sense.

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  • xknight

    Not a Yankee fan or a Jeter fan but I’ d be curious to learn exactly which year of the “years ago” should the job of Yankee SS have opened up.

    • Hayden Kane

      Well, I should have at least said arguably years ago, but he’s been a mess defensively for at least the last four seasons (and some would say prior to that). The days of the jump throws and heady plays seem long gone in my opinion, and they’re hurting themselves by still playing him at SS every day.