Super Bowl 2014 Nike Gloves revealed (Photo)


Got an extra $150 lying around? A big NFL, Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks fan? Why not get a new pair of these Nike Super Bowl Vapor Jet 3.0 gloves. Your $150 also gets you a cool collector’s box if you think $150 is a little ridiculous for a pair of gloves.

They just went on sale on Monday as well.


The logo across the fans is so universal with Nike and their gloves that it shouldn’t come as a surprise. They released similar gloves for the Pro Bowl. The generic logo is less exciting as well, I miss the unique Super Bowl logos. Still, I personally wouldn’t spend that kind of money on the gloves but someone must be shelling out for them.

Here are some more photos:

They also have a “fan edition” that goes for less.

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