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Skip Bayless thinks Tim Tebow could have led Denver Broncos to Super Bowl

We have less than a week before the Super Bowl kicks off in New York, but already media outlets are setting up shoot to camp out for a week ahead of the event. The Super Bowl is actually in New Jersey and not New York but the location of the Super Bowl is irrelevant when you’re taking about Tim Tebow.

Who’s talking about Tim Tebow you ask? Who do you think is talking about Tim Tebow — none other than Tebow’s biggest fan Skip Bayless. The ESPN First Take analyst has the world most obvious man crush on Tebow and can’t help but discuss him all the time. Despite the quarterback failing to latch on to two different systems, Bayless is back to championing Tebow as though no one ever saw him play an actual down of football.

Case in point was Monday morning, as Skip Bayless said — with a start, and characteristically mean looking face — that Tim Tebow could have led the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl this year.

The number of things wrong with that statement are too many to count, but the short answer to the argument Bayless is offer up is no. 


Skip Bayless says Tim Tebow could have led the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl XLVIII. The laws of physics say otherwise.

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  • Helena Troy

    You have not reported the exact question that was asked at the time: Could Tebow have taken THIS (2014) Bronco. First, this 2014 Broncos’s is tailor-made for Manning, as was the 2013 Broncos. Both teams, though not built around Tebow, still superior to anything Tebow had in 2010 and 2011, so YES, Tebow could have taken

  • Helena Troy continue from below…Tebow could have taken this 2014 Broncos, especially if he started all 16 games as the starter. The stupid video you have included with this biased anti-Tebow view is of Tebow as a Jet, and as all fair minded people know, he never got to play QB, let alone start any games as a Jet, and as all fair-minded people know, to be an effective starter, you get 1st team reps and get to actually START and play in actual games and develop timing with other 1st team players. Given all that’s given to a starting QB, along with a superior 2014 Broncos team? You bet your life Tebow would have taken this team to the Super Bowl.

    • Brendan Purcell

    • Richard Edgington

      You’re an idiot. Seek immediate medical help.

      • Helena Troy

        your response is so weak. BTW, Broncos are losing 36 to NOTHING in the Super Bowl. Broncos are cursed because Elway dumped Tebow.

      • Helena Troy

        Needless to say, now the score is 43 to 8 Seahawks all the way…the Seahawks with a mobile QB.

  • Post Corner

    I can show an extremely long highlight reel of Tebow destroying teams deep with his arm and killing teams with his legs. And yet, all I see from the haters is a few preseason throws with the Jets. D-bag.