Budweiser' 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl commercial 2014, the sequel

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Budweiser debuted one of their Super Bowl commercials during the Today Show this morning, and it is incredible. It isn’t one of those stupid silly beer commercials where people yell wasssup or with frogs belching the name, it is a heartwarming story of two friends, a horse and a puppy.

It is the sequel to the Budweiser “Brotherhood” commercial from 2013. That one featured a man nursing a young horse till he was full grown, you know the one that saw the horse grow up to become a Budweiser Clydesdale. Then he goes to the parade to see his former horse, only for the horse to run after him ending with them hugging in the middle of the street.

The same actor, Don Jeanes, returns to his role as the head of Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri. This time he is raising puppies, when one in particular keeps sneaking into the horses stable. When he gets adopted by a business man, the horses prevent him from leaving until he returns the puppy.

Check it out below

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