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Peyton Manning: John Elway ripped us after preseason loss to Seahawks

You might not remember, but the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks played in 2013. It resulted in a 40-10 loss for the Broncos. The reason why you don’t remember is because it was a meaningless preseason game that didn’t matter. It didn’t stop Broncos executive John Elway from “laying into” the team after the game,.

“John pretty much laid it on us after that game — that was a butt kicking,” Manning said, via Pro Football Talk. “He talked about what he thought our potential could be and didn’t want to see that wasted. I think guys got the message.”

“He might have been giving a message to coaches as well as the players and everybody in the room got the message,” Manning said. “It was the first time he had addressed the team and when he had something to say it was important.”

They’re looking to avoid that same result, and given that the level of competitiveness between the two games is on opposite end of the spectrums you can expect a different game.

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