Raiders WR Rod Streater spoofs 'Beats by Dre' ads

Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Beats By Dre commercials have become one of the most popular campaigns. The clips, often extending over two minutes on YouTube versions, show athletes trying to block out their nay-sayers, opposing fans or even the media by putting on their noise canceling head phones.

Then the song “The Man”by Aloe Blacc comes on.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater decided to make his own version since I assume that Beats By Dre hasn’t reached out to him about making a commercial yet. His version is hilarious.

A girl and her mother come to his doorstep selling cookies and make a pitch, uninterested in buying cookies he puts his headphones to block out their pitch. Then he reaches out and takes the cookies and retreats inside where he enjoys the cookies.

Then comes the Beats By Dre tag line: “Hear what you want.”

It is hilarious, and worth checking it out. You can watch it below.

[h/t] Bleacher Report

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