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Regis Philbin co-host Katie Nolan goes in on Rick Reilly (Video)

Ever since FOX launched its own 24/7 sports network to rival ESPN, there has been a bit of a feud. That took a turn yesterday when ESPN’s Rick Reilly took a shot at FOX Sports analyst Regis Philbin. Reilly calls Regis “the little guy in the make up,” and says that no body knew who he was.

Well, Philbin didn’t do much in the way of standing up for himself because “too much of a class act to get into it” according to his Crowd Goes Wild co-host Katie Nolan. But that didn’t mean she was above responding, and boy did she ever. She starts out by suggesting Reilly borrowed that line from a column he wrote 10 years ago and points out that he confused Gabby Douglas and Gabby Giffords. She followed it up by listing Philbin’s incredible resume and accolades which include:

  • Television icon for 50 years
  • Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • In Broadcasting Hall of Fame
  • And he is done with the Wu-Tang Clan

Then she goes in on Reilly, and this is where it gets good.

  • Misquoting his own father-in-law
  • Demanding Stuart Scott credit you for a tweet
  • Being so lazy you rip yourself off
  • Having a website that looks like it was made in 1996
  • And taking a really questionable photo

It is awesome and when can we get her on First Take opposite Skip Bayless? Check it out below:

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