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Seahawks fan gets mom Super Bowl tickets (Video)

Remember the Cincinnati Bengals fan who got his father tickets to a Bengals game? He has been one-upped by a Seattle Seahawks fan who got his mother a ticket to the Super Bowl.

From CBS Sports:

Here’s a little backstory: The mom is a lifelong Seahawks fan and wanted to attend the teams’s first NFC Championship game in 1983, but she couldn’t because she was pregnant with her son. The same son who bought the Super Bowl tickets. Super Bowl XL was out of the budget and the family had no plans to attend this year either, but after Super Bowl ticket prices started falling, the son decided he could afford it.

At one point she exclaims “we can’t do this” before becoming overcome with emotion. Apparently they’re bringing Jesse Martin with them as well, whoever that is. Nevertheless, any other present he gets her will never top this one.

[h/t] CBS Sports

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