Super Bowl commercials 2014: Aspiration releases ad


This is a big week for football fans and people that enjoy sports in general, with Super Bowl XLVIII taking place this Sunday. They’re very excited to watch the game and see who emerges victorious, but also to see the commercials that are showed during the game.

Throughout this week, there will be Super Bowl ads shown by various companies to have people informed about their products or services this year. This is a big deal, because companies spend plenty of money for an ad to air during the game in the hope that it will grab someone’s attention.

One of these companies is a new start-up called Aspiration. Their ad is special in that takes cues from the Apple commercial that was aired in 1984. Now, they’ve updated that memorable Apple ad to tease their launch this spring.

“We feel we’re democratizing the world of investing in the way that Apple set out to democratize the world of computing,” said a spokesperson for Aspiration.

The ad replaces the drones with Wall Street men in suits and instead of Big Brother representing IBM (Big Blue), he is representing the Big Banks. This is special in that the Super Bowl is this week and it’s taking place in New York.

You can check out the game day ad from the fine people at Aspiration below:





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