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49ers’ Colin Kaepernick rips Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, can’t wait to exploit them

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are a fierce rivalry. There was a lot of controversy following the NFC Championship game and Richard Sherman’s rant. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick fired back at Sherman on Thursday.


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  • loverpoint

    I’m a big Colin Kaepernick fan and have since his college days. But he must realize and so must 49er fans, that until Greg Roman has a more diversified passing offense, and decides to allow the QB to throw more times in the game then your WR’s become neutralized and passing to your RB’s is non existent . Like I stated before, the 49ers passing offense does not look promising despite having 2 good WR’s and possibly drafting another, plus a very good TE.

    I read were Quinton Patton will be working out with Colin Kaepernick in the off season. I am disappointed that neither Marcus Lattimore, LaMIchael James or Vance McDonald are doing the same.

    I would also suggest to Colin Kaepernick that he give his old GURU passing coach Roger Theder a call and ask him if he sees anything wrong in his reading of defenses or ability to find open receivers and get any suggestions as to how to improve

  • loverpoint

    Let me also say that I am surprised that no one from the media has contacted Roger Theder and asked him how he thinks Colin is progressing. The last time I heard Theder say anything about Kaepernick was in 2012 when Josh Johnson was on the team in training camp and Theder was asked if either Kaepernick or Johnson had what it takes to win the starting QB job from Alex Smith. Theder said the best of the bunch was Kaepernick because of his work ethic, and he thought both Kaepernick and Johnson were better than Smith.

  • Bill Keefe

    Why you setting at home this week? Oh that’s right. RICHARD SHERMAN! I suppose he tastes somewhat like a sour grape to Colon Krappensick.

  • RegisHawk

    Russell Wilson went to the SB last year and studied.
    Colin Kaepernick went to the SB this year and whined.

    Stay classy, SF.