Paulina Gretzky stars in Taylor Made golf commercial (Video)

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A few weeks back, Paulina Gretzky (yes, daughter of Wayne) who is known for her provocative Instagram account posted a picture of her on set, suggesting she was at work on a Taylor Made commercial.

She didn’t elaborate much, rather, just posted a photo of herself in an extremely tight tank top.

Well – today we have the commercial she was talking about. Or at least, a portion of it.

The commercial starts out with you riding along in a point of view vantage point on some type of police vehicle – likely a golf cart. It drives around the course, clubhouse and driving range – during which you come in contact with the busty Gretzky who blows you a kiss as she apparently waits to tee off.

She says nothing and her spot isn’t more than a few seconds, but she’s there.

It’s possible the company may be coming out with more commercials in the coming days/weeks considering Gretzky was wearing a ‘speed police’ badge in her Instagram account photo, something you couldn’t see in the video. Either they decided to cut some material from the commercial or plan to run a small series featuring the buxom blonde.

Gretzky of course is married to PGA tour player Dustin Johnson.

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