Sep 29, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears strong safety Major Wright (21) before the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Chicago Bears upgrade their Safety position?

I wonder if people realize how stressful it is to be a Chicago fan? I know there are teams out there that are far worse, but the last couple of seasons have sent my blood pressure through the roof. I’m sure I’m not the only one feels this way.

Now it’s no secret that the Chicago Bears need to fix their defense. Now that the offensive line has been patched up, the defense decides to fall apart after the year they had in 2012. The turnovers were there, but not nearly as much as they would have liked.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman is more than likely gone. Nothing is confirmed just yet, but the team will be considering his age and the fact that he’s been injured a lot over the last couple of years. It’s pretty clear that the team will be going forward with Tim Jennings as their number one corner, either drafting competition or signing someone who can become a solid lock at the number two spot.

The team is still trying to decide if they want to bring back Henry Melton or not and could be converting Shea McClellin into an outside linebacker. Which isn’t that bad of an idea. But what will they do when it comes to the Safety position?

Chris Conte, a man who blew the fourth down play that allowed Green Bay to score the game winning touchdown in the final game of the year, has one year left with the team. Major Wright on the other hand is an impending free agent. I was a little sketchy when the team drafted Wright in the first place.

I knew he was a decent player, but the guy couldn’t stay healthy to save his life when he first entered the league. This Safety corps. allowed way too many plays through the air and failed to help stop the ball carrier when teams were cramming it down their throats.

Don’t get me wrong, Wright had himself an amazing 2013 season. The man recorded 117 tackles and two interceptions, but time is running out for this guy. Now the Bears could bring him back, but may not lock him in as their starter.

There will be some serious competition on the defense during training camp. Someone wake me up when the NFL Draft rolls around. I expect the Chicago Bears to at least take a safety within the first three rounds of the draft, leaving Craig Steltz to continue to help out the special teams unit or step in when he has to.

What do you think Chicago Bears fans? Should the team move on from Major Wright and find a starter in the draft, or keep Wright and have him compete with a rookie?

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  • Folt

    Will they upgrade? Could they downgrade? Even if conte and wright return they would have to be better then they were this year. Does Gary Fencik or Mike Brown have any offspring?

  • ManGod

    Fix the Defensive Line….let Peppers walk or trade him (his production compared to either safety is far worse and his salary hit is through the roof for a player at the end of his career and now playing mediocre football at best. Let’s be honest, Peppers’ is not drawing the double teams anymore, other teams are blocking him with one on one assignments and he is loosing the battle.) Add a beast at DT who can play the run and generate a pass rush…ie a Louis Nix type, move CW back outside to the DE position and reinsert Melton into the lineup as the starter he is (forget his injury…he will still be a beast when he returns this season). Add McCellin to the OL spot opposite Briggs and allow Bostic to play one more season behind DJ Williams……free Wright and Conte up to play the ball from their safety position and not have to concentrate on run stopping every play. Both Conte and Wright have been the scapegoats all year for a defense that simply could not perform up front against the run….the injuries played a big part, but the coaching and defensive play calling played an even larger part in this years lackluster defensive efforts and schemes. The injury to Melton proved that Peppers is without question on the wrong side of his career and abilities….the injury to Tillman proved what we all knew in that the defense was doomed. Tillman was superb at shutting down receivers, creating turn-overs and very good in run play support. Melton was a force that no team could deny or avoid just to double team Peppers….and without Melton to create disruptions in the run game and pass rush…Peppers was unable to find the skill set that has made him one of the most feared pass rushers in the league of the past decade….key word PAST.
    When the Bears defense could dtop the run….M Wright and C Conte were consistently making plays and playing solid football from their respective positions, they were by no means stellar, but they were better than the average players at their position by the numbers for all safeties in the league….and had their share of great plays at the right time in more than a few games.
    Chicago Team Stats:
    Major Wright 78 solo tackles, 22 assists, 2 int, 1 td, 2 ff, 3 pd
    Chris Conte 73 solo tackles, 16 assists, 1 tloss, 3 int., 2ff, 7 pd

  • Jeremiah Collins

    The Bears defense has always been suspect. It’s true, this year was the thread that unraveled it all. Please stop with the rookie DT with the first round pick. Name one that had lived up to that hype besides
    Suh. With that being said, there is enough young, league proven, undervalued defensive linemen hungry to prove their worth. Linvail Joseph, Everson Griffin, Lamarr Houston, to name a few. Hungry to join a playoff potential organization. Add a young veteran Safety like Chris Clemons, from another mediocre squad, and draft your secondary. I’m thinking Justin Gilbert, or a Calvin Pryor in the first. Along with a Stanley Baptiste, or Ed Reynolds in the second. Either way, An infusion of something new, with some new old young linemen should be a defensive marriage. P.S. Please trade Briggs… We could use the extra pick for a Center.