Aug. 18, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) throws a pass against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the second half at MetLife Stadium. Jets win 37-13. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Oakland Raiders a 'landing spot' for Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman?

The Oakland Raiders will be in the market for a quarterback this offseason – either in free agency or via the draft, but I have to imagine Raider Nation was hoping for more than Mark Sanchez.

While Sanchez is still currently under contract with the New York Jets, he’s expected to be released in early March before he’s due a $2 million dollar roster bonus. When that happens, insider Paul Gutierrez believes the Oakland Raiders could be a landing spot for the former USC Trojan.

Gutierrez also suggests Josh Freeman as a potential wildcard as well.

I see them looking at a game-manager-type, a QB that has mileage but not too much wear on the tread. Guys like Edwards or Josh McCown or Matt Cassel. I’ve already advocated scooping up Mark Sanchez if and when he’s cut loose by the New York Jets. The wild card in this, though, is Josh Freeman.

Few have more ties to the Raiders organization than the ESPN scribe, so while the notion does need to be taken with a grain of salt, Gutierrez has a sparkling track record.

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  • George Castorena

    Sanchez is a bum

  • Giovannoni

    Would rather see sanchez then freeman

  • razkaz187

    Both of them suck

  • Pridenpoise

    These two are both washouts, and are not the answer for what ails the Raiders, would much rather see McCown.

  • 757Raiderfan

    If we were to pursue either I hope only as a camp arm. Not a fan of either.

  • takerrulez

    Honestly McGloin is a qb then Sanchez or Freeman. I rather go in to a season McGloin as the starter rather then these 2 bums

    • pjmokate

      MM sucks. a quick release obviously does not add up to wins.

      • takerrulez

        It would of if our defense played like it did earlier in the year. By the time McGloin took over our defense was already worn down with injuries. If McGloin started the season we would of won at least 7 games. Pryor gets way too much credit. He played well in 1 game honestly. McGloin is the best choice right now we got.

  • Raider Grant

    Senior Butt Fumble & Mr Inaccurate ? CFL running backs, Trent Edward ? WTF??? Go Raiderrrrs

    • Pridenpoise

      Don’t knock Kory Sheets, he might surprise, need I remind you the names Mervyn Fernandez, Cam Wake, Warren Moon, I could go on.

      • Raider Grant

        He could prove to be decent, but we don’t want COULD anymore. Gambling is what needs to stop happening. Smart, logical, solid choices to build from. Go Raiderrrrs

        • Pridenpoise

          And exactly where are these players that are going to be guarantees, you can be smart, logical and that doesn’t mean it will work out. Besides I’m pretty sure it said they were working him out, not a guarantee that he will be signed, and if you saw him play you might not think it was such a reach.

  • Vikefan

    The jets management having second thoughts. Sanchez should have been already cut,and they know Geno is a bust.

  • jesus christ

    if oakland doesnt draft a QB then prepare yourselves for another 4-12 season it doesnt matter if they put together an ok defense and MAYBE get some playmakers when they cant even get them the ball seriously

    • DanfromVegas

      Rookie Qbs rarely take their teams to the playoffs. A rookie QB is much more likely to take their team to 4-12 than a veteran Qb.

  • Kevin Lurker

    We already got Trent Edwards.

  • pjmokate

    Matt Carousel will never be a Raider, but Freeman is more then a possibility. Trent is camp arm and TP is better athletically then all of them. He just needs to put it all together!

  • allday

    It’s really a shame to see fellow Raiders fans talk so lowly of these two guys.The Raiders have had MULTIPLE QB’s who weren’t wanted by the rest of the league or were thought to be washed up or busts,come to Oakland and KILL it..couple of em led the silver n black to SB..two of them WON.and they weren’t nearly as young as these two.I say bring em both in.Trade Pryor,shore up the trenches and let the competition begin..RAIDERNATION

  • Pedro J Rosales

    The reality is Oakland has never been capable of drafting a franchise QB. I don’t see out scouting dept, GM, or owner for that matter getting the QB in this draft. Like them or hate them, Sanchez played in two AFC title games his first two seasons. Won 4 road games in the playoffs, not bad for a “bum”. As allday said, we are a franchise who gives QBs second chances, Plunkett, Lamonica, Gannon, etc…. Build O line and D lines in the draft! Sign C Mack, DE Jared Allen, CB Grimes if possible… Raider Nation, Just Win Baby!

  • Brandon Jones

    Make Terrell Pryor a tight end he isn’t that good of a qb sign freeman and Sanchez to 1 year deals and have them battle for the starting job in the draft focus on the defense and a good wr and get a good offense line building and if Allen can’t bring us to an even record fire him and our gm

  • Grant C. Peters

    Pure speculation at this point, he is not reporting anything.