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Seattle Seahawks' linebacker Bruce Irvin: 'We like people who are real'

Team chemistry is often overstated in professional sports, especially by people who are multiple steps removed from the team itself. That doesn’t mean that it’s irrelevant, however, and the Seattle Seahawks seem to tout a unique chemistry that has helped push them all the way to Super Bowl 48 and a showdown with the Denver Broncos.

Much of that chemistry seems attributable to head coach Pete Carroll, who has been both praised and teased for his efforts to create a “college atmosphere” in the NFL. Linebacker Bruce Irvin gives Carroll credit for the dynamic the team has, saying the following (quotes from the Seattle Times):

“We like people who are real. That’s what Pete is, and we respect him and play so hard for him. I’m happy that Pete Carroll trusted in me and believed in me. He knew I had changed. How could I not want to prove him right?”

Who can blame Carroll for valuing a second chance? He has gotten a second chance in the NFL more than once, taking advantage of it most recently in Seattle. And I’m sure he’s looking forward to the day when a college team will give him a second chance on that level after he ran out of a burning building at USC back in 2010.

Hey now.

When it comes to this Seahawks team, it appears that this team has bought into Carroll’s ways and it is translating well in terms of chemistry and the quality of play on the field. It might also help explain the depth of this roster and the fact that so many different guys play well in understated roles. If Seattle hoists the Lombardi trophy Sunday, a big chunk of the credit will go to Carroll.

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