Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Malcolm Smith holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

9/11 truther interrupts Malcolm Smith’s press conference (Video)

There was an interesting moment after Super Bowl XLVIII when Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith was about to begin his post game press conference. A 9/11 truther ran out and grabbed the mic and made a quick comment before exiting.

From Pro Football Talk:

A man approached Smith, grabbed the microphone, and said, “9/11 was perpetrated by our own government.”

(And, no, it wasn’t Pete Carroll.)

The man quickly exited.  Smith looked a bit stunned, but he then said, “Somebody check his press pass.”

It’ll be interesting to see who it was, given that security was very high for media access.

It will be interesting to see if they just let this go away or if it gets investigated at all.

Here is video:








Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

    How in the world do they let that happen?! I don’t care WHAT he said. I’ve already debated enough conspiracy theorists. I’m just concerned that the bowl wasn’t made to be as safe as we were led to believe. Was he even checked for weapons, having such access to a player, as well as actual press? How/Why was he let through in the first place? This incident should definitely be investigated.

    • wefwefx

      So this should be investigated, yet the very subject the man is being persecuted for talking about, shouldn’t be? Is that irony?

      • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

        It was already investigated. I don’t care whether or not you’re satisfied with the official conclusion of the 9/11 reports. You conspiracy theorists aren’t worth it. What would be the point anyway, when right after he said to investigate it, he let everyone know that he already has a conclusion? Like most truthers, who don’t actually care for the truth. Just cherry pick anomolies that could support your premature conclusion.

        • Chris Porter

          People should also be called “tinfoil” when they believe their partner/spouse is cheating on them.

        • navixbitcoin

          Yeh…that’s what the talking heads told you…..

          • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

            “talking heads” ignore you crazies, because you’re obviously just looking for attention. I reached my conclusions from examining both the conspiratorial side of things, and the official reports.

      • NeoTechni

        “yet the very subject the man is being persecuted for talking about, shouldn’t be?”

        It already was. It was not an inside job. Though whoever dosed your meds may have been an insider.

        • wefwefx

          I’ll humor you and say that I believe you, as long as you can explain in a logical manner how and why the World Trade Center 7 building collapsed.

  • sactown

    just google 9/11 inside u will find some very interesting videos

    • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

      9/11 doesn’t need to be made into anything more “interesting” than what it is. Looking at that tin foil hat propaganda was the biggest waste of time.

      • KeepitReal

        Can you shut up Emily? You belong in the kitchen

        • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

          “shut up”?…. What are you? 9?
          Oh, a “kitchen” remark?! WOW, you’re clever. I’ve never heard anything like that before. Ok, you win.

          • navixbitcoin

            You are correct…you lose. Or should I spell it “loose”?

            Yeh..I think it’s “loose”. You LOOSE! lolz.

          • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

            …….What’s wrong with you?

          • KeepitReal

            I’m a male, I automatically win. I request a ham sandwich with chedder cheese mayo, hint of mustard and some peppers. Thanks Hun.

          • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

            It’s funny how men who can’t even cook for themselves, claim to be superior. That’s a part of being an ADULT. It’s not a “man” or “woman” thing. Take care of yourself. Needing someone else, makes you an automatic loser.

          • KeepitReal

            Why should I? NOW make me my sandwich pretty please :)

      • navixbitcoin

        Tinfoil huh…I bet you were saying that to people who said the
        government was spying on every communication on the planet. People like
        you are always proven wrong, time and time again, but you still say

        • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

          No, actually. I knew that was happening, and didn’t give a crap. I still don’t. You tin foil hatters are not as special as you think you are.

    • http://PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot.com/ ProofObama’sCIA

      This event was orchestrated and I’ll prove it. There’s something called the MA code which was broken. Note that the “truther” (a government created label used to discredit people who can think for themselves such as “birther,” spoke out during an interview with MAlcolm. Thousands of cops, DHS, and the military at the game and the first point scored against MAnning is a safety. This is not a coincidence, but rather by design and a spin on what leaked which follows.

      Government is conducting PSYOPS (psychological operations) for social control. Let’s start with some false flags.

      Columbine High School MAssacre- many blamed MArk MAnes for providing weapons, the influences of MArilyn MAnson and the movie the MAtrix. What many don’t know is that the majority of the “victim’s” families moved there less than 2 years prior to the massacre. Several worked for military defense contractor Lockheed MArtin at a factory in Littleton CO. Defense contractor Raytheon has facilities just a few miles away too in Aurora CO. The Aurora CO. Shooter (another PSYOPS event) contains an interesting name too, James Holmes. Several of Lockheed MArtin’s businesses are in Hunstville AlaBAMA a few hundred feet from Holmes Ave.

      Days ago a false flag event was staged in Columbia (sounds close to Columbine) MAryland. This story had several interesting names such as; Gov. MArtin O’MAlley, Chief McMAhon, State Police Col. MArcus Brown, and the shooter’s name Darian MArcus Aguliar. Had this staged event taken place 2 miles away it could have occurred on Snowden River Parkway, Raytheon has several addresses there.

      A mock trial was played out for us where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. Lockheed MArtin and Raytheon both have facilities not far from this staged event in Sanford FL. Before discussing the Sandy Hook Massacre, Lookheed MArtin has a business on W Sand Lake Road south of Sanford. The name Trayvon Martin is made up too, tRAYvON(Raytheon)/Martin(Lockheed MArtin). The Sandy Hook MAssacre (another PSYOPS event) happened in Newtown CT where Lockheed Martin has an address a few miles away.

      Every mass shooting since the election of Obama was staged to create the illusion that a shadow government is in control of the nation. With these orchestrated massacres they’ll claim the shooter had a previous mental health issue. What does the government want? They want background checks for firearms. These events create chatter for NSA spying and to slowly strip us of our Second Amendment rights. Do some research, watch the old news clips on Youtube of students from Columbine (plenty of fake emotions and coached statements). One of the fathers I saw interviewed appears to be a government agent trained to lie. The victims names are completely fabricated. To try and give these stories credibility photos are added (it’s called PSYOPS for a reason). Since these events hold everyone’s attention and the government spies on the entire nation it’s my belief that majority of photos used for the victims in PSYOPS events like this are those of missing children/people.

      9/11 changed everything
      - radical legislation was forced upon us nullifying our Bill of Rights
      - TSA and DHS were created to keep us secure from a bogus war on terror
      - Defense contractors such as; Lockheed Martin (ticker symbol LMT), Raytheon (ticker symbol RTN) (and there’s plenty more), benefited immensely from increased national security budgets.

      Everything our government does covertly is compartmentalized meaning what takes place is on a need to know basis with low level people following orders from their superiors. Investigating agencies are in on PSYOPS events. So who’s pulling the strings? It appears prior to the election of Obama we had a shadow government with an agenda of creating a Super Capitalism/Communism system and police state. This shadow government was discovered in 2008 (leaked when you search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret). Rampant high level corruption and the inability to police it is costing us a second time around. In an effort to dismantle the shadow government, unelected generals and alphabet soup agencies are using the media (who was in on the election of Obama), the office of presidency, our tax dollars, and sinking the economy for this covert war.

      Do we really have to sit through another mock election? Do we need to replace Senators and Congressman with the Pentagon’s choice while using the State controlled media to sell the nation on them representing us? Can’t we just try those who make up the shadow government with treason and restore our Constitutional rights rather than using blackmail, gag orders, and forcing cooperation so that no one loses their precious government job?

      Warning: My last comment rattled some cages. If you’re tired of tyranny, fascism and fear mongering, sharing this comment could quickly derail the Obama charade.

  • corners

    guess nobody saw the video of the 2 guys that basically just walked into the last superbowl in new orleans, videotaped it all also.

    If he does believe in the 911 conspiracy this did not help his case. People will just offhandedly call him a nut job and dismiss what he said.

  • corners

    smith looked pretty nervous till the guy grabbed the mike.

  • person

    Someone isn’t taking his meds

  • Chadwick

    Building 7 anyone?

  • Ron Noname

    Smith should have grabbed the idiot and headbutted it 4-5 times.
    Unfortunately, the thing’s head is probably harder than a football helmet.
    Also, Smith might have gotten shards of tinfoil in his own forehead.
    What with all the abuse of REAL fans getting into the game, how did this p-iece of garbage get into this room?

    • navixbitcoin

      Tinfoil huh…I bet you were saying that to people who said the government was spying on every communication on the planet. People like you are always proven wrong, time and time again, but you still say “tinfoil”.

  • wayzupusc

    I find it pretty funny that there are so many comments about tin foil hats or crazy person or someone needs their meds when there have been so many conspiracy theories that have turned into conspiracy fact these past few years.