(From left to right:) Father Dale, sisters Ashley, Christie, myself, my mother, and sister Maddie

Super Bowl 2014: How my sisters are picking the game

Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks is approaching and everyone is making their picks. I grew up with three sisters, so the Super Bowl at my house sometimes revolved more around the commercials than the actual game itself. With that being said, my family isn’t necessarily full of football experts.

So when my youngest sister Maddie, who is a senior at the University of Texas, solicited my family’s advice to make a Super Bowl prediction for an assignment I found it interesting. She was making the prediction for an assignment in class with extra credit on the line to  “the person who picks the winning team, with the closest score.”

The ensuing debate was incredible as everyone chimed in with their picks and their reasoning. Here are the highlights:

Ashley: broncos Broncos 27 – seahawks Seahawks 24

“My ‘educated guess’ is solely because in the first month of the season I said these two were going to be in the Super Bowl and I doubted myself. So I’m taking a stab in the dark. Lol! Wish I went to Vegas and made a bet in the beginning of the season.”

Mother: broncos Broncos 27 – seahawks Seahawks 21

“I’ve picked the Broncos because I love Peyton Manning ever since I saw his funny commercials, too bad he’s married.  And so much younger.” (I should note that my parents are divorced)

Christie: broncos Broncos 27 - seahawks Seahawks 21

She hasn’t really responded but my mother said “we think” implying my sister Christie I believe.

Dad:  broncos Broncos 30 – seahawks Seahawks 27

This is the entirety of my father’s reasoning, exactly as it was texted to me “SWAG!”

I suggested the Seahawks will win and Maddie decided to ignore the advice of everyone else in the family and side with me.

Maddie:  seahawks Seahawks 27 -  broncos Broncos 24

dyce and gf

BONUS! My girlfriend Crystal makes a pick:

broncos Broncos 37 - seahawks Seahawks 30

“Broncos, because of Peyton Manning. He has experience and can handle the pressure of the Super Bowl.”


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