Super Bowl 2014: Spike Lee is decked out in Seattle Seahawks gear (Photo)

The Super Bowl is tonight and the fact that it’s in New York has brought out a cast of New York regulars including actors, television personalities and other celebrities. One of the most well known New Yorkers in the world is director Spike Lee.

Lee, a notable New York homer, showed up on the FOX Sports red carpet decked out in not his usual Knicks gear, rather a bunch of Seattle Seahawks apparel.

Lee being decked out in Seattle Seahawks gear should come as no surprise as the Seahawks are viewed as the much more hip team in the Super Bowl. Comparatively, Seattle and Denver only have legalized pot in common as Denver’s very conservative nature clashes with the wildly liberal and metropolitan lifestyle of Seattle.

The Seahawks also happen to boast one of the best defenses in the NFL, something Lee has talked about before as their smash mouth style of football matches Lee’s smash mouth style of filmmaking.

We shouldn’t be surprised Lee isn’t decked out in Knicks gear, as he’s been a bit of a sports fan nomad recently, but New Yorkers who see Lee as one of the symbols of the city may take issue with the fact that he’s gone west coast with his taste in Super Bowl football teams.

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