Super Bowl 48 beverage prices (Photo)

Super Bowl XLVIII is coming later today and if you’re attending the game you might want to bring some cash with you. A premium can of beer costs $14 while a regular bottled beer costs $12. You can buy two six-packs for $12-$14.

Peanuts will also go for $6 and water for $6 as well. Surprisingly this concession stand doesn’t have any hot beverages like hot chocolate or coffee. I don’t know if anyone will be buying lots of water with temperatures being so low. Maybe if the game was in a warmer climate and people were hot they’d want some bottled water.

Those $6 bottles of water could be blocks of ice later today.

[UPDATE:] We have hot beverage prices and they’re more outrageous than the beer prices. Soup mug $20? Does that include the $8 cup of soup? Hot chocolate is a steep $11.


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