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Super Bowl 48 - Earl Thomas: 'This is what we were supposed to do'

With respect to cornerback Richard Sherman and the attention he has received the last two weeks, he might not be the best player in his own secondary, let alone on his own defense.

That is no slight to Sherman, who very well might be the best corner in the NFL, but rather a gesture to how stinkin’ good Earl Thomas is at safety.

A proud member of the ‘Legion of Boom,’ Thomas said the following about the pressure of playing against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48 (quotes from the Seattle Times):

This is what we were supposed to do, in my eyes. That’s just how I see it. I don’t get too excited about this because I expected it.’’

You wonder if Thomas truly does not get to excited about reaching the Super Bowl, something some guys will never experience for their entire career. But the point is well taken. When a team is heavily favored like the Seahawks or the Broncos were all season, it is right for these guys to say that reaching the Super Bowl was simply meeting their expectations and doing what they were supposed to do.

If Peyton Manning can help it, he will go nowhere near the aforementioned Sherman during this game. The same goes for Thomas but avoiding a safety like him, a guy who is everywhere on the field, is an entirely different story. Thomas might not have been the hype man, but he will be a key player tonight.

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