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Wade Phillips wanted the Broncos to kick a field goal

Wade Phillips, former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, thought the Broncos should have kicked a field goal during their final possession of the first half:


Jay Feely has made 308 career field goals in the NFL, and concurs with Coach Phillips:


Field goals are a fundamental part of football, and I agree with Feely and Phillips. Teams lose by a field goal all the time, and the Broncos may find themselves in that position late in the second half.

I still believe the Broncos have a great chance to get back into the game.  22-0 is a huge deficit to overcome, but if the Broncos keep the Seahawks from scoring in the third, the fourth quarter will be very exciting.  Two touchdowns and the Broncos are right there.

It would be great to see people in the Twitter world completely change their mind about Peyton Manning.  He needs to take the approach that this is the final 30 minutes of his football career, and shock the world!

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