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Seahawks set Super Bowl record for most time holding lead

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The Seattle Seahawks were able to dominate the Denver Broncos on Sunday night, as they went on to win Super Bowl XLVIII in blow out fashion. There was no doubt from the opening kickoff that the Seahawks were looking to make a statement and momentum immediately swung into their favor.

On the very first drive of the game, there was a miscommunication between Peyton Manning and his center. As a result, the ball went flying over Manning’s head and the play resulted in a safety and two points for the Seahawks.

It was just 12 seconds into the game.

From there, the Seahawks were able to never look back as they ran away with the game.

This means that Seattle held the lead at MetLife Stadium for a whopping 59 minutes and 48 seconds, which sets a new Super Bowl record.

For being the Seahawks’ first Super Bowl win in franchise history, I think it is safe to say that they made exactly the kind of statement they were hoping for: “defense can still win championships.”

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