Super Bowl helicopter fly over video from above (Video)

David Wilf, a Specialist (SPC) in the United States Army (101st Airborne Fort Campbell, KY) from Clarksville, Tennessee was one of the men riding in the helicopters over MetLife Stadium at the start of Super Bowl XLVIII. While many people have experienced a fly over at a major sporting event, not many have seen it from their perspective.

Wilf uploaded a video of the flyover from inside the helicopter on his Facebook page and the vide is pretty awesome. It really shows you how close they are to the venue when doing the fly over, and at one point you feel like you’re actually inside the stadium.

The flyover was a formation of a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, if you’re curious.

He even turns the camera around at the end so you can see the fireworks go off right behind them.

Here is the Facebook post:

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