Broncos players don't know what went wrong during Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos were dominated in Super Bowl XLVIII, as the Seattle Seahawks went on to claim the NFL championship by a score of 43-8. With such a poor performance, many fans and media members are looking for answers, but the Broncos players are just as confused.

Now that they have had some time to let the loss settle, the Broncos players have started opening up to the media about their loss and they have no explanation as to what went wrong.

Offensive coordinator Adam Gase, wide reciever Eric Decker and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie were three of the men who commented on their loss.

We played so bad,” said Decker. “It doesn’t even feel like we played. I thought we were prepared, we were ready.”

Gase added, “The hardest part is we’re going to have to go back and watch that game again on film. We’re not looking forward to that. I wish I could have found that play that would have taken us out of that spiral.”

For Rodgers-Cromartie, Seattle deserves at least some credit.

“We’ve got to give credit to Seattle, you could tell they wanted it way more than us,” said Rodgers-Cromartie. “They were not going to take a loss. They definitely came out and punched us around.”

There is no explanation for the egg that the Broncos laid on Sunday night, but at least they are owning up to their mistakes.

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