Feb 3, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders (8) grabs a rebound against New York Knicks forward Amar

NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks willing to trade veterans for first-round picks

The Milwaukee Bucks are going nowhere except the top of the NBA Draft this year as their abysmal record means that they’re pretty much a lock to get the best odds at winning the No. 1 pick this summer. What the Bucks do with that pick is still unknown but what is starting to become more and more known is the fact that the Bucks want to add more first-round picks to their belt ahead of the draft.

While it seemed unlikely that the Bucks would pull off a major trade, Chad Ford has noted in his weekly ‘Tank Rank’ that Milwaukee may end up being a player at the deadline and deal for a first-round pick. It was also noted yesterday that the Bucks may be players so hearing this two days in a row seems to suggest that talks will only intensify as the deadline nears.

As far as assets that the Bucks can move, Larry Sanders and Ersan Ilyasova are hot names to consider, but just about anyone on the roster seems to be fair game.

Whether or not Milwaukee actually makes a move is yet to be seen but the team certainly seems like they’re going to at least try to add more picks before the deadline passes.

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