NBA Trade Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers not expected to trade Thaddeus Young

If there’s a team almost guaranteed to be active at the trade deadline, it’s the Philadelphia 76ers. The team has already been involved in numerous trade rumors over the past week as they continue to shop their veteran players for high first-draft picks for the draft this year.

Evan Turner has dominated the trade talks with the Sixers, and Spencer Hawes’ name has come up a few times as well. One name that has come up but isn’t expected to be traded is Thaddeus Young, one of the first names to have been mentioned in trade rumors this season for the Sixers.

According to Chad Ford of, the Sixers would prefer to keep Young and trade both Hawes and Turner if they can.

Thaddeus Young has drawn significant interest, but the Sixers would prefer to deal Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. Both should be moveable, though I doubt either player gets the Sixers what they really want — another pick in the 10-15 range.

Turner is the most likely of the bunch to be moved but Young being traded isn’t out of the question. While the Sixers would like to hang onto him, the team may not be able to get a high draft pick they covet without including Young in a deal.

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  • Rhett Bogan

    We need to keep Thad with the team. And Everyone knows why.It goes without saying….