700,000 attend Seahawks parade in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks are celebrating their Super Bowl championship with a parade downtown, and over 700,000 people have attended.

“We have an extra 700,000 people in downtown Seattle today, so phone and internet traffic is going to be heavy,” Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson said, via Seattle Times. “If at all possible stay off your phone. Stay off the internet. It would assist in keeping the 911 emergency lines open.”

From Seattle Times:

Nearly 20,000 people took ferries into Seattle this morning, way up from the typical 7,000, reported the Washington Department of Transportation. They’re expecting a return surge between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Also, the agency is urging people to be patient in traffic as the estimated 700,000 fans make their way back out of downtown this afternoon.



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