Aaron Rodgers: 'Unrealistic' to use Seahawks as goal for defense

The Seattle Seahawks have changed the way teams might look to build their own defenses. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he thinks it is a little unrealistic for teams to try and emulate their very unique defense.

“With all due respect, I don’t think it’s possible to play at that kind of level for many other teams in this league, if any,” Rodgers said during his weekly radio show on 540 ESPN. “That’s a talented group. I don’t think that should be our goal. We do need to improve on both sides of the ball, but that team has a unique mixture of secondary talent that’s as good a group in the league as you can see, and then a front seven that really plays well together. It should be maybe the standard we’re going for, but it might be a little unrealistic to think of any defense being as good as that for the next couple years.”

There certainly has to be a longer transition to get to the Seahawks level as well, it couldn’t be achieved overnight.

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  • JaKa

    Aaron Rodgers knows football better than most. It’s more than flattery to imitate a teams style of play. It’s the way things have always gone. Look Back at The 49′ers Walsh & Montana West Coast offense. It became a model for the league that even today is copied, how many years later? It’s a bit early for a defensive unit to obtain that sort of notoriety after one Super Bowl, and remember even last year or two, the Seahawks started the season losing something like at 3 – 7 at the half way point, then came back in the 2nd half of the year.
    If they would continue for another couple years going deep in the playoffs, establishing a dominated record of 14, 15 wins every year, other teams would build their defense up on the same style. Only time will tell, and they sure are off to a great start. The word “great” is flung around to people who just make it there these days, but I use it in the old school context, great meant great, and the table is set for Seattle to get there, if continued at the rate they go at it, that legend attachment will come too.